Forensic Psychiatry


Evaluations of Psychiatric and Emotional Factors in Cases Before the Legal System

Forensic evaluations are typically contracted with an Attorney, rather than with the person to be examined. An exploratory phone conversation helps to clarify the exact psychiatric questions to be addressed, whether I possess the relevant areas of psychiatric expertise, whether conflicts of interest exist, and what information would be required.

These evaluations are detailed and based on a broad database. I make every effort to write clear and objective reports. In most areas of forensic practice, I have conducted evaluations at the request of both plaintiff and defense counsel, or at the request of the judicial authority.


I am able to provide the following forensic services to attorney and governmental clients.

                             Independent Medical Opinions


Second Opinions

Civil and Criminal Record Review

Psychiatric Malpractice

Standard of Care Evaluations

Fitness for Duty Evaluations

Testamentary Capacity

Fitness to be a Witness

Competency/Fitness Evaluations

Substance Abuse





                                      Civil case consultation which interfaces with Psychiatry